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16 bit Style Music for BulletDancer

screenshot from bullet dancer

This is a small piece of music I wrote for the retro video game prototype BulletDancer by Sebastian Wagner. There's a video of the game prototype on YouTube. It's a kind of space shooter and has a pretty nice retro, arcade-style look and feel. Here's the background music, which can be played in a loop:

If the embedded player does not work, you can also download the track. Please note that the music was composed for the game, and is distributed with similar conditions as other assets from the game (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License). You may therefore use this music in whatever product you like, as long as it is presented in connection to the game. Please see the license files shipped with BulletDancer for details.

The piece was created with my more than ten years old audio and synthesizer software, and it features two different organ-style instruments, one synthesizer for the background chords, one for the bass, and four for different parts of the drumset (kick, snare, TT, HH). The 16 bit sound was intended to fit the look and feel of the game, and the track starts off with some pushing, harmonic 80s-style melodies. After some arpeggios in the middle of the track, there is a more techno-style second half, which was kind of inspired by the pretty cool terran background music from Starcraft I (now also available in SC II). At 1:10 or so, turn up the volume and try to imagine your pushing your SCVs around with the music in the background, hopefully you'll see what I mean ;-)

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