Mesh Topology Analysis Using the Euler Characteristic
Using the Euler formula for polyhedra to find the genus of a manifold 3D mesh. Published 2018-03-18.
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3D In Every-Day Life: Four Reasons Why It Didn't Work Earlier (And Why It Could Work Now)
Some personal comments and thoughts on the exciting trend of 3D for everyone. Published 2017-05-06.
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Local Curvature Entropy for Saliency-Weighted Simplification
Small project page and demo for the respective Eurographics 2016 short paper. Published 2016-06-01.
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Computing and Maintaining Transforms and Volumes in Scene Graphs
Small recap of the topic, plus a mini demo and a schematic overview figure. Published 2015-12-19.
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Batched Rendering with WebGL 1.0
Analyzing benefits of batched rendering with WebGL 1.0, including an online demo. Published 2015-01-31.
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