Online Articles & Selected Publications

This page lists some of the work which I have published, including links to project pages, preprints, supplemental material and videos, where available. A full list of all my academic publications can be found via Google Scholar. Some recent articles, which are more product-centric yet possibly still interesting, can also be found on the DGG blog.

Online Articles

Mesh Topology Analysis using the Euler Characteristic
Using the Euler formula for polyhedra to find the genus of a manifold 3D mesh.

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3D In Every-Day Life: Four Reasons Why It Didn't Work Earlier (And Why It Could Work Now)
Some personal comments and thoughts on the exciting trend of 3D for everyone.

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Local Curvature Entropy for Saliency-Weighted Simplification
Small project page and demo for the respective Eurographics 2016 short paper.

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Computing and Maintaining Transforms and Volumes in Scene Graphs
Small recap of the topic, plus a mini demo and a schematic overview figure.

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Batched Rendering with WebGL 1.0
An article about benefits of batched rendering with WebGL 1.0, including an online demo.

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Selected Publications

Wie interaktive 3-D-Darstellung heute funktioniert: Zentrale Merkmale und technische Herausforderungen
M. Limper
Book Chapter, appeared in: G. Peez: Mixed Reality und Augmented Reality im Kunstunterricht. Beispiele, Forschung und Reflexionen zur Verknüpfung von physischen und virtuellen Wirklichkeitsanteilen in der Kunstpädagogik. München (kopaed), 2021
An brief introduction to how interactive 3D rendering works, targeted towards art teachers and other educators without an IT background (in German).
Efficient Global Registration for Nominal/Actual Comparisons
S. Berkei, M. Limper, C. Hörr, and A. Kuijper
Proc. VMV 2018
Evaluation of different methods for automatic scan-to-CAD alignment, proposing also a novel simple and efficient framework.
Automatic Optimization of 3D Mesh Data for Real-Time Online Presentation
M. Limper
PhD thesis, TU Darmstadt, 2018
Design of an automated 3D optimization pipeline, including several novel contributions. Covering mesh processing algorithms as well as practical techniques for the 3D Web.
Box Cutter: Atlas Refinement for Efficient Packing via Void Elimination
M. Limper, N. Vining, A. Sheffer
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2018)
A cut-and-repack method that can significantly improve the packing efficiency of UV atlases. Includes a novel strategy for removal of UV overlaps, using short cuts.
Mesh Saliency via Local Curvature Entropy
M. Limper, A. Kuijper, D. W. Fellner
Proc. Eurographics 2016 (Short Papers)
Fast and flexible saliency estimation for weighted mesh simplification.
hare3d: Rendering Large Models in the Browser
C. Stein, M. Limper, M. Thoener and J. Behr
Book Chapter, appeared in: P. Cozzi (Editor): WebGL Insights, A K Peters/CRC Press, August 2015
An architecture for loading and rendering large models using WebGL.
Web-Based Delivery of 3D Mesh Data for Real-World Visual Computing Applications
M. Limper, J. Behr, D. W. Fellner
Book Chapter, appeared in: M. Magnor, O. Grau, O. Sorkine-Hornung, C. Theobalt (Eds.): Digital Representations of the Real World: How to Capture, Model, and Render Visual Reality, A K Peters/CRC Press, May 2015
A compact introduction to Web-based delivery of 3D mesh data.
Evaluating 3D Thumbnails for Virtual Object Galleries
M. Limper, F. Brandherm, D. W. Fellner, A. Kuijper
Proc. ACM Web3D 2015
Comparing bandwidth consumption of 3D meshes and 2D image series.
SRC - a Streamable Format for Generalized Web-based 3D Data Transmission
M. Limper, M. Thöner, J. Behr, D. W. Fellner
Proc. ACM Web3D 2014 (2nd prize at Best Paper Award)
A flexible, real-world format for progressive transmission of 3D mesh data.
The POP Buffer: Rapid Progressive Clustering by Geometry Quantization
M. Limper, Y. Jung, J. Behr, M. Alexa
Computer Graphics Forum 32 (7) (Proc. Pacific Graphics 2013)
A straightforward method for progressive representation of triangle meshes, useful for low-complexity streaming.
Fast Delivery of 3D Web Content: A Case Study
M. Limper, S. Wagner, C. Stein, Y. Jung, A. Stork
Proc. ACM Web3D 2013
A comparative study on the real-world performance of the most widely used 3D mesh data formats for the Web.
Efficient Volume Raycasting for Interactive SPH Applications
M. Limper
Diploma Thesis, University of Siegen, 2012
Designing a parallelized, efficient volume raycaster, written in CUDA, for the visualization of concentrations in interactive SPH simulations.

Talks (Examples - List Discontinued since 2020)

Automating the 3D Processing Pipeline: From 3D Scan to Efficient Online & AR Presentation
M. Limper
SIGGRAPH 2019 glTF BOF (July 31, 2019)
glTF 2.0 Export in InstantUV
M. Limper
SIGGRAPH 2017 glTF BOF (August 3, 2017)
The Pug. A Comprehensive Excursion on its Roles and Perception with an Emphasis on German Culture.
M. Limper
The Un-Distinguished Lecture Series (UDLS), Vancouver, BC (March 17, 2017)
PBR-ready glTF in instant3Dhub / instantUV
M. Limper
GDC 2017 Khronos WebGL/WebVR/glTF Meetup (March 2, 2017)
Physically Based Materials in glTF - Current State
M. Limper, T. Sturm
SIGGRAPH 2016 WebGL & glTF BOF (July 27, 2016)
Fully-Automatic Creation of Compact, Textured 3D Mesh Representations
M. Limper
Eurographics 2016 Doctoral Consortium Presentation (May 9, 2016)
X3DOM: Instant 3D, the HTML Way
M. Limper, J. Behr
WebGL Meetup by the Khronos Group, Milano Chapter (December 17, 2015)
High-Performance Visualization of Massive CAD Data with WebGL
M. Limper, C. Stein, J. Behr, M. Thöner
SIGGRAPH 2015 WebGL BOF (August 12, 2015)

* This is a preprint of the final paper. The definitive version is available at

** This is a preprint of the final paper. The definitive version is available at and